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Meet Rhi, the founder of Roses Yoga.

Rhia Roses, 200hr RYT, has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and deeply wishes to grow her practice by remaining a lifelong student. She likes to incorporate elements of nature into her classes by practicing outdoors when possible and even bringing the elements indoors at times. Join her in cultivating peace and balance through meditation and yoga.

Yoga Benefits

Why join one of our events?

Reduced Stress

Yoga can help to reduce stress by teaching relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation. This can help to improve mood and sleep quality.

Improved Flexibility

Yoga can help to improve flexibility by stretching and lengthening muscles and connective tissues. This can make it easier to move around and perform everyday activities.

Improved Mindfulness

Yoga can also help to improve mental health by reducing anxiety and depression. Due to the combination of physical activity, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness practices.

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Every contribution helps us continue offering transformative yoga experiences, ensuring everyone can find balance and peace, regardless of their means.

Learn and Practice

Dive into a transformative yogic experience with our diverse offerings. From expert-led Yoga Classes and specialized Workshops to tailored Private Yoga sessions, we cater to all levels. Our Yoga Retreats and Personalized Retreats are ideal for groups seeking a blend of activities like meditation, mantra chanting, aroma therapy, and more.